Audio by artist splunge

Istanbul by Splunge

2:19 minutes (3.18 MB)Istanbul (They Might Be Giants)

Grinch by Splunge

2:27 minutes (3.36 MB)Grinch (Warner Brothers)

Sunglasses At Night by Splunge

3:00 minutes (4.13 MB)Sunglasses At Night (Corey Hart)

Running To Stand Still by Splunge

3:20 minutes (4.57 MB)Running To Stand Still (U2)

29 Ways by Splunge

2:09 minutes (2.95 MB)29 Ways (Mark Cohn)

Violent Love by Splunge

2:09 minutes (2.95 MB)Violent Love (Dr Feelgood)

What Is The Shape Of The Earth by Splunge

1:24 minutes (1.93 MB)What Is The Shape Of The Earth

Rhyming Song by Splunge

1:34 minutes (2.14 MB)Rhyming Song (Muppets)

Mary Anne by Splunge

2:01 minutes (2.77 MB)Mary Anne (Marshall Crenshaw)