I've been involved in a number of musical projects... Here are some links to the evidence...

  • Splunge - guerrilla a cappella (from my days in Seattle, WA, USA)
  • The Possum Brothers - two of NZ's favourite immigrants - my good mate Jonny Farren and me
  • ROVE - another musical duo, this time featuring me and my lovely friend Rosey Jeffcott!
  • 3kg - a bunch of lightweights!

And, because thanks to bit-rot (this site is very old and creaky) here's a list of all the music... (in alphabetical order by song) There're quite a few songs just by me (Dave) or in other one-off configurations with folks I like to play music with... 

You'll see each song listed twice - once in MP3 format, and once in OGG (the fully open format) as well. 

If you hear a song you like and want to hear more from the same project, there'll be a link to the recording session and the "artist" involved :)