Backyard Studio Session

3kg's first recording session with Rosey Jeffcot (now Coppen), Tom Adams, Jeff James, and Dave Wright.

Hook by 3kg

5:09 minutes (5.65 MB)

Hook (Blues Traveller)

Motivation Proclamation by 3kg

3:34 minutes (3.8 MB)

Motivation Proclamation (Good Charlotte) - Jeff James singing, Rosey and Dave L on harmonies

Dirtfloorcracker by 3kg

3:38 minutes (3.59 MB)

Dirtfloorcracker (Mofro)

Criminal by 3kg

4:34 minutes (4.67 MB)

Criminal (Fiona Apple) - Rosey on lead vocals

Afraid Of Loving You by 3kg

3:35 minutes (3.42 MB)

Afraid Of Loving You (Devics)

Basket Case by 3kg

2:57 minutes (3.36 MB)

Basket Case (Green Day)

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