Shy (alt take) by Rove

5:06 minutes (4.98 MB)

Shy (Ani DiFranco) Alt Take

Shy by Rove


3:04 minutes (4.21 MB)

Shy (Ani DiFranco)

Say It Ain't So by 3kg

3:52 minutes (4.3 MB)

Say It Ain't So (Weezer)

Rodeo Clowns by 3kg

3:03 minutes (3.66 MB)

Rodeo Clowns (G Love and Special Sauce)

Not A Love Song by 3kg

3:40 minutes (3.34 MB)

Not a Love Song (Nouvelle Vague)

Soul To Squeeze by 3kg

4:56 minutes (4.78 MB)

Soul To Squeeze (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The Remedy by 3kg

4:06 minutes (4.73 MB)

The Remedy (Jason Mraz)

Watching The Detectives by 3kg

4:38 minutes (5.01 MB)

Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello)

What I Am by 3kg

5:04 minutes (5.53 MB)

What I Am (Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians)

Who Loves Who The Most by 3kg

4:18 minutes (4.64 MB)

Who Loves Who The Most (Dance Exponents) - should be Who Loves Whom The Most, but that's Jordon Luck for you...

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